Thursday, 20 December 2012


Assalamualaikum Friends..
How are you? ong kedek-kedek! 
Do you know how your child talk?
Lets read this Entry.. ^__^

Birth-3 months
- makes pleasure sounds (cooing, gooing)
- cries differently for different needs
- smiles when sees you 
4-6 Months 
- Babling sounds more speech-like with many different sounds, including p, b, and m.
- vocalizes excitement and displeasure
- makes gurgling sounds when left alone and when playing with you.
7 Months - 1 Year
-Bablbing has both long and short group of sounds such as "tata upup bibibi"
- uses speech or noncrying sounds to get and keep attention
- imitates different speech sounds.
- has one or two words ( bye-bye, da-da, mama), although they may not be clear.
1 - 2 Years
-says more words every month
-uses some one- to two- word question (where kitty?)
-puts two words together (more cookies, no juice)
- uses many different consonant sounds at the beginning of words. 
2 - 3 Years
- has a word for almost everything
- uses two to three words to talk about and ask for things
- speech is understood by familiar listeners most of the time
- often asks for or directs attention to objects by naming them
3 - 4 Years
- talks about activities at school or at friends homes
- people outside family usually understand childs speech
-uses a lot of sentences that have four or more words
- usually talks easily without repeating syllables or words
4 - 5 Years
- voice sounds clear like other childrens
- uses sentences that give lots of details (e.g: i like to read my books)
- tells stories that stick to topic.
- communicates easily with other children and adults
- says most souns correctly except a few like l,s,r,v,z,j,ch,sh,th
-uses the same grammar as the rest of the family.
wish me luck yeahh!
ong kedek-kedek! 
p/s : thanks to sebab bagi gambar baby yang comel-comel tuu :) 

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abdul karim said...

Berguna blog ni utk kami yg ambk kos pnddkn awl knk2.. ;)

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