Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Drama + Story Telling + Singing

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning! 

Today i have story telling in my class.. Language and Literacy Class... 
Ouchh! opkos laa NERVOUS! 
Today i want share with you all about my story telling..
*shy! *shy! *shy! ^___^ 
Okay, my story title is .........

A tiger was having a lucky day. He killed two deer and a buffalo. Now he was really having a feast. He was so proud of himself. He boasted, "Nobody is as strong as I am! Even elephants are afraid of me!" As the tiger rested by a hill, he said, "I am not afraid of anyone, and I do not need anyone's help! I am perfect!". Just then, a strong wind blew. It made a stone roll down the hill and hit the tiger's back. "Ouch!" said the tiger. The tiger did not know that the stone had cut him. He got up and went to a lake for a drink. After drinking, he felt very full and sleepy. He found a spot to lie down, and he was soon fast asleep. The tiger did not know that he was sleeping near an anthill. Soon, ants crawled onto the tiger's back and started biting his cut. "Ouch!" the tiger cried and jumped up in pain. A monkey in a tree was watching the tiger. He laugher as the tiger jumped about. "Hey, big fellow!" the monkey shouted. "He strong and brave are you now?" The tiger looked up and saw the monkey. The monkey said, "there is no one stronger than you, so why are you crying?" The tiger was ashemed. He looked at the monkey and his eyes filled with more tears. "I was wrong," said the tiger. "Please help me! Chase these ants from my back. I would be very grateful to you." The monkey was sorry for the tiger. They went to the lake and the monkey used water to wash the ants away. From that day on, the tiger never boasted about his own strength. Sometimes, he would even find food for the monkey, his new friend.
--- THE END---

Dear friends, moral for this story is " Stay humble, even if you a stronger than others.
Today i'll sing a song in my class.. 

I know , korang semua tau kan lagu ni..
lets we sing a song together! 

*ong kedek-kedek! *  

1 comment:

Aida Omar said...

tulah jangan berlagak sangat kan dah kena.. haha. Sebelum tidur layan cerita nie memang sangat tepat masanya. :P Ah lagu tu lama dah tak dengar. ong2 kedek2 :)

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